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Main Features

  • Premium quality materials – crafted from safe, durable, and long-lasting materials, our baby bottle sponge brush prioritizes your baby’s health and safety
  • Effective cleaning power due to long stick and high PPI sponge, effortlessly removes stubborn milk residue, formula, and build-up, leaving bottles spotless every time
  • Gentle on bottle surfaces, with its high density sponge , ensures no scratching or damage to the bottle surfaces, preserving their quality and longevity
  • Versatile and compatible with different types of bottles, ensures a thorough cleaning experience every time, our sponge brush is designed to adapt to various bottle shapes and sizes
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly design, featuring an ergonomic handle, offers a comfortable grip, making cleaning effortless and enjoyable for parents.
  • Hygiene and safety are our top priority, therefore the hangable design for quick drying and storage, preventing the growth of mold or bacteria.
  • Durable and long-lasting, our brush is made with durable materials, being able to withstand repeated use and frequent cleaning without losing effectiveness
  • Trusted and recommended by parents, caregivers, and experts, our baby bottle sponge brush exceeds expectations and earns the trust of those who prioritize the best for their little ones
  • Color Lavender
  • Length  over 25 cm
  • Weight 30 grams
  • Made in Korea, ensuring top-notch quality and craftsmanship

More Details

When it comes to keeping your baby’s feeding equipment clean and hygienic, every detail matters. That’s why we’ve created the Spectra Sponge Feeding Bottle Brush Set with moms like you in mind – it’s the perfect cleaning solution that offers both effectiveness and convenience.


Powerful Cleaning with Higher PPI: Unveiling the Secret to Impeccable Hygiene

The secret lies in the PPI, or Pores Per Inch, of the sponge. With a higher PPI, our sponge boasts a denser structure that ensures exceptional cleaning power. Those tiny pores work like magic, capturing dirt, grime, and even pesky bacteria, leaving no room for compromise when it comes to your baby’s health.

But that’s not all – a high PPI sponge also means gentler care for delicate surfaces. Say goodbye to worries about scratches on your baby bottles. Our sponge’s finely crafted pores provide a safe and effective cleaning experience that keeps your baby’s feeding essentials in pristine condition, ready for their next meal.


Effortless Cleaning Made Easy: The Ultimate Companion at Your Fingertips

 We know how precious your time is, which is why we’ve designed the Spectra Sponge Feeding Bottle Brush Set to be your ultimate cleaning companion. Measuring over 25 cm in length, it offers extended reach, effortlessly tackling those hard-to-reach spots in bottles and accessories. No more struggling or frustration – cleaning becomes a breeze, leaving you with more time for the joys of motherhood.

To enhance your comfort, we’ve ensured that the brush comes with a comfortable grip. No more straining your wrists or feeling the burden of repetitive cleaning tasks. Our brush’s ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and enjoyable cleaning experience, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your baby.


Convenience Redefined: Hang, Access, and Dry with Ease

And the convenience doesn’t stop there – we’ve included a practical storage hook! Hang the brush within reach in your kitchen for easy access and quick drying. No more searching for misplaced cleaning tools or cluttering up your countertop. With the Spectra Sponge Feeding Bottle Brush Set, your cleaning companion will always be close by, ready to assist you effortlessly.

So, dear mom, give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. Choose the Spectra Sponge Feeding Bottle Brush Set (Long Type) – the ultimate cleaning companion designed to make your life easier. With its higher PPI sponge, gentle care, extended reach, and convenient features, it’s time to embrace hassle-free cleaning for your baby’s feeding equipment. Because your baby deserves nothing but the best.

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2 x Spectra sponge feeding bottle brush set (long type)