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Main Features

  • Made of liquid silicone with no environmental hormones, safer and more durable
  • Facilitates the early basic training for a healthy development of the child
  • The straw nipple is gentle on gums
  • The weighted straw allows your toddler to sip effectively at any angle
  • Handles are easy for little hands to hold
  • BPA free
  • dishwasher & sterilization safe
  • For children above 6 months who are transitioning from bottle/breastfeeding to cup

More Details

Has your baby outgrown the bottle? Get your child’s age-suitable replacement for the Spectra Milk Bottle Teats. The Rigid Straw can be used only in upright position, while the Weighted Flexible Straw makes it easier for your little one to sip the content in any angle. The straw nipple has two-way air valves that will prevent colic and backflow. It is soft and gentle on the gums, helping soothe your teething baby and reducing the risk of misalignment.

We recommend starting the transition by introducing the weighted straw, also is helpful if you add handles to the bottle for an easy grasp by little hands.

The set also includes a cleaning brush, that enables you to clean the Straw Set thoroughly. The straws can be sterilized for hygiene purposes and all parts are dishwasher safe for convenience.

The straws and the nipple straw are made of liquid silicone with no environmental hormones, which is more durable and much safer for your child than the regular silicone that is used usually for this type of product. All parts are made with BPA-free materials, ensuring your baby is safe and happy.

Sippy cups vs Straws

When it’s time to say “bye-bye” to bottles, parents may think that giving their child a sippy cup is the natural next step to transition to. But here’s the thing. Sippy cups can actually delay your baby’s speech, language, and feeding development. Here’s the science behind why you should skip the sippy cup and the benefits behind your child using a straw instead.

Oral Muscle Development – Getting ready for solids

Sippy cups can delay oral muscle development while using straws strengthen the oral muscles. When using a straw to drink, your baby is strengthening the lip, tongue, and cheek muscles. Instead of using a “suckling” method of drinking like with traditional sippy cups, little ones are able to practice using the mature pattern of swallowing that will allow the baby to safely drink and eat new textures of foods.

Speech Development and Sippy Cups/Straws

When the baby uses a pacifier or a sippy cup you might see signs of speech delay. That’s because the muscles in the mouth are not strengthening and developing while drinking from a sippy cup, and they are the same muscles that are used to speak.

When drinking from a straw, the baby develops strong lip muscles by sealing them around the straw. These lip muscles are also needed for little ones to produce early consonant sounds like “M”, “P”, and “B”.

When to offer the straw?

You can start teaching your baby to drink from a straw as young as six months. But keep in mind that straw drinking is a complex skill for a young infant to learn, as they have to suck, hold their breath, swallow, exhale and then breathe again. They may not get it right away but keep with it and your baby will learn!

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  • 1 x straw nipple with a cross-shaped hole
  • 1 x flexible straw
  • 1 x round shape weight
  • 1 x straw to nipple connector
  • 1 x rigid straw
  • 1 x straw brush