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Main Features

  • Deluxe design available in colors Charming Gray and Classy White
  • LED display to check settings or operation time at a glance, even in the dark
  • One-touch control for easy operation
  • Dual UV lamps for complete sterilisation
  • Triple fan system for reduced drying time
  • Microfiber pre-filter to ensure clean air circulation
  • Storage system contents stay germ-free for up to 10 hours
  • Large internal size fits 16 baby bottles only on the top shelf, while the lower shelve can be used for many other items
  • Temperature sensor maintaining 40°C
  • Dimension cm 38 x 30 x 46 (H x L x W)
  • Warranty is 1 Year

More details

Welcome to the new generation of sterilisation products for homes.

Every new parent has to deal with tedious and finicky steam-based sterilisation methods. We direct you towards a safer, time-efficient technique that protects your little one (and the rest of the family).

Spectra UV Steriliser for baby bottles (and household items) is integrated with advanced hospital-grade sterilisation technology. It uses a chemical-free UV method to clean the contents inside – keeping your baby germ-free, healthy, and smiling. It features a reflective stainless-steel interior that bounces off the light emitted from two UV lamps. The powerful UV light disinfects everything it touches in a matter of minutes. Its LED display and single-button control system make the whole process hassle-free for busy parents.

The super-powered triple-drying system allows you to use baby bottles as soon as they get sterilised. Besides its high-tech specifications, you’ll appreciate its stylish design too. This UV Steriliser for baby bottles fits right in with your other appliances.

Apart from this, parents can enjoy pre-set programs for time-sensitive sterilisation. Options include:

  • Sterilisation & Vent: 10 min/ 15 min
  • Dry, Sterilisation & Vent: 20 min/ 30 min/ 40 min
  • Dry & Vent: 10 min/ 20 min /30 min
  • Storage: 10 hours

These settings enable you to set and forget your UV steriliser until the timer ends– giving you extra time to spend with your family.

The Ultimate Sterilising Product for Home

It’s equally efficient in cleaning breast pumps, small cutlery items, makeup brushes, and even smartphones. The spacious design accommodates sixteen baby bottles on the top shelf with various-sized items in the bottom. Its versatile usage makes it an excellent investment for your growing family.

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  • 1 x UV steriliser
  • 2 x pre-fitted UV lamps
  • 1 x power adapter
  • user manual

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