PPSU Milk Bottle 260 ml

AED 75 AED 56

PPSU Milk Bottles are compatible with all Spectra breast shields, making it easy to pump, store and feed into the same container.


  • Compatible with all Spectra Breast Pumps Breast Shields (Wide-Neck)
  • Anti-colic soft silicone teat ( choose appropriate size )
  • Ergonomic shape for babies to grip easily and prevents it from rolling
  • Embossed measurements ensure they don’t wash off
  • Easy to clean and sterilize
  • Suitable for fridge or freezer
  • Comes with discs to cover teat hole and caps to cover teats when out and about
  • Convenient, practical expressing without wastage – express into the bottle, store and then use to feed

What makes PPSU better?

  • Does not absorb odor or color
  • BPA Free
  • Best durability and heat tolerance, up to 208 ˚C
  • Can be sterilized by boiling water, UV, steam.
  • Scratch Resistant
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